Maddy Quinn survived being a fat kid and a fat adolescent, but being fat in her twenties may be more than even she can handle. Maddy is a smart, funny, chunky monkey living in a world of skinnies with only an XXL sweater set to keep her safe.
Living at home where her overprotective family can keep an eye on her, Maddy attends a nearby University where she majors in political science and not being noticed. Her mother would return her to the womb for safe-keeping if only there was room for a 266 lb. adult, and her grandmother has never met an emotion that couldn’t be suffocated with mashed potatoes and chicken fried steak or some other supreme comfort food.

Despite the over-love of a slightly nuts family and the support of good, but skinny friends, waddling around her college campus is getting harder every day. In an effort to keep daily humiliations to a minimum, Maddy lives by the Fat Rules—rules she’s developed to hide in plain sight (Fat Rule #4: never run in front of other human beings even if being chased by a mass-murdering maniac- better to die with honor than let all that jelly jiggle!). But when her birthday lunch turns into a celebration humiliation, Maddy’s best friend, Sam, gives her a dose of tough love that would put an elephant down, setting Maddy on a life changing course.

Part memoir, part wishful thinking, The Fat Rules is a laugh-out-loud ride on the crazy train with moments of heart-breaking insight into the emotional pain of being overweight. If you’ve ever struggled with weight issues, finding your place in the world, or incapacitating insecurity, Maddy Quinn is right there with you.

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