About Me

In the beginning I was a fat kid.  Well, not the very beginning.  I was a petite baby and at five proudly wore a pink and white gingham bikini (first and last time that ever happened), but when my parents' marriage fell apart just before my eight birthday, I started plumping up at a rate previously unknown in human history.  I went from an average weight seven year old to a full blown fatty patty by age eight.  My parental units' inability to deal with each other, or me, in an appropriate (sane) manner, coupled with my tub-chubs, shaped my life and soul. Lucky for me, personal disaster made me hilarious.

Despite my status as fattest kid in school, I always managed to make friends by entertaining them- "hey, don't look at my belly roll, listen to my acerbic wit!"  I grew up in the Dallas area ( a habit I continued through college, law school and the present day) with a loving, insane family. I loved to read (still do), write (still do), and draw (now I paint).  Though everything about me pointed in the opposite direction of a legal career, I became determined to practice law at an early age. The desire to be a lawyer was born out of a fear of having to work two jobs like my poor, sweet mother, and because I was too afraid to follow my deep dark secret of being a creative person.  Of course, at the time I thought I was going to law school because I liked to argue, only to realize in the first semester I really, really did not.  Despite my personality being more bohemian artist than uptight lawyer, I made it through three years at SMU Law School graduating with my J.D., a new husband, and life-long friends before getting myself a real life job as an attorney.

I've spent the last fourteen years working as an attorney and raising my little family of one hubs, one little girl, and one little boy, while secretly (is it a secret if you tell everyone you meet?) dreaming of a career as an author.

My first book, The Fat Rules, is my personal story of being a chunky monkey in college living in a world of skinnies with only an XXL sweater set to keep me safe and how transforming into human form was almost as terrifying as being very overweight.  

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